The Play About My Dad

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Collaboration Town
June 16 - July 02, 2011
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By Boo Killebrew
Directed by Lee Sunday Evans

With Tracey Gilbert, Anna Greenfield, Annie Henk, Jordan Mahome, Geany Masai, Jay Potter, David Rosenblatt, Juan Francisco Villa and TJ Witham

The Play About My Dad is a look at Larry Killebrew through the eyes of his playwright daughter Boo. His words, his family, his job as an emergency room surgeon, his community of Gulfport, Mississippi - and Hurricane Katrina, which almost turned Gulfport into a coral reef. 

As Larry tries acting, and Boo adds new scenes, they discover how hard it is to tell a story the true way.

Producing Company

Collaboration Town

Collaboration Town creates ensemble-driven, humorous, and heartfelt new plays that defy expectations of how stories can be told in the theater, maintains a consistent core ensemble which collaborates regularly with an ever-expanding community of artists, and creates new plays that are relevant beyond traditional theater audiences.

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"Moving and imaginatively generous... Memory, storytelling, playwriting and time travel intersect with a lovely kind of epic intimacy." - TimeOut New York

"Beautiful writing, striking direction, and a slew of excellent performances await you at The Play About My Dad... There is much to take away from this ambitious work." -

"An involving and seemingly personal dramatic tapestry." - BackStage

"Directed by Lee Sunday Evans, this 59E59 Theaters production avoids lulls...And there are moments - when the actors freeze to behold the darkening skies - when silence falls like both a shadow and a shudder at the cataclysm to come." - The New York Times

"The Play About My Dad at 59E59 is a rare gem masterfully guided by an incredible new voice in theater." - OffOffOnline 

"A poignant and very personal attempt to heal the larger and more private wounds of Hurricane Katrina" - Huffington Post