The Eyes of Babylon

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Produced by:
Babylon To Broadway, LLC/The Mehadi Foundation
June 14 - July 03, 2011
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Written and Performed by Jeff Key
Directed by Yuval Hadadi

U.S. Marine Jeff Key transforms his Iraq journal into a gritty, humorous and poetic solo performance about going to war as a 34-year-old gay man at the heady start of the Iraq invasion. 

Opening with 9/11, traveling through the Iraqi desert and finally 'coming out' on CNN, The Eyes of Babylon is a personal, poignant story of one brave Marine's personal battle with the war, his country, and himself.


"Key is a born writer, and this intelligent and evocative work is one of the finest solo shows I have ever encountered!" - Backstage Critic's Pick

"Provocative, funny, and inspiring!" - TheaterMania 

"A poetic depiction worthy of Allen Ginsberg!" - Los Angeles Times 

"I was blown away by Jeff's artistry!" - Lily Tomlin