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Pacific Resident Theatre
April 21 - May 15, 2011
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By: Vince Melocchi 
Directed by: Guillermo Cienfuegos
With: Keith Stevenson, Richard Fancy, Haskell Vaughn Anderson III, Justin Preston, Marley McClean and Roses Prichard

After years of self-exile in Detroit, Lou Perino returns to his hometown in Pennsylvania to right a wrong he did 50 years ago to Julia, the girl he loved. Once, the Korean War stood in their way - now it's something entirely different. 

This beautiful story of love and pride delicately explores the nature of forgiveness, grief and redemption.

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Photo: Alex Moy
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Pacific Resident Theatre

Pacific Resident Theatre is a company dedicated to producing the great works of known playwrights, unearthing uncommon and seldom seen classics, and discovering new and innovative plays by developing writers. Founded in 1985, PRT is an oasis for actors, directors, playwrights, and designers with extensive Broadway and regional theater careers. Our 16 mainstage seasons have produced plays of extraordinary artistic range. Our productions have set a standard of excellence in Los Angeles, having received more than 30 Los Angeles Dram Critic’s Circle Awards, the prestigious Margaret Harford Award for Continuous Achievement in Theater and tow special Polly Warfield Awards for Outstanding Overall Season.

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"Tender, funny and illuminating!" - Backstage 

"Bittersweet amd believeable - Cienfuegos elictis strong performances across the board from the cast!" - 

"A pitch-perfect cast makes the most of the incisive dialogue in this telling and compassionate portrait of human strengths and foibles!" - Backstage West Critics' Pick